Limbs for Black Thunder classic with Talenta bolt-on system
These limbs are being made only on customer request exclusively for Stolid Bull Bows by one of the most famous bowyers in Germany.
You can choose the covering wood veneer out of a selection of precious wood types.
Due to the fact that the limbs are handmade and customized, please allow up to 6 months for delivery.
In return, you get a unique pair of extraordinary limbs.
Stolid Bull limbs are built in traditional construction with bamboo core, enforced with carbon laminate and covered with wood veneer and protecting glass laminate
These limbs are smooth over the whole draw-cycle and there is no stacking.
We have implemented an ingenious fully adjustable tiller system which allows fine tuning for maximum precision.

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ILF Limbs for Black Thunder classic equipped with ILF-adapter, Black Thunder ILF and Vanquish

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