Black Thunder classic and Black Thunder ILF

Who once had a chance to shoot a Black Thunder, had felt the incomparable stability and absence of vibration which only can be achieved by the perfect balance associated with relatively high mass.
Now, you have the opportunity to become one of these enlightened few. Whether you shoot target or field archery sports of if you go hunting, the Black Thunder will give you that absolute precision you have been waiting for until now.

The Black Thunder riser is well-known in bare bow archers circles and it can regularly be seen in the hands of archers who shoot in the top rankings at German Championships. The Black Thunder additionally is a competitive recurve riser which in principle could be shot with a short 10“ damper but without a fully equipped stabilizer system. In this combination the high basic weight can be seen as relativized, compared to a fully equipped olympic recurve.

Black Thunder risers are individually configurable with several arrow rest modules, either with an integrated arrow rest or with double plunger holes for standard rests.
Especially for bare bow archers, a weight module is available which harmonically fits onto the lower front of the riser.

Vanquish and Vanquish SX

Our latest projects. A completely new designed riser lineup for olympic recurve shooters and bare bow shooters at the same time.

The balance philosophy of the Black Thunder transferred into a modern riser series for ambitious archers.

Numerous innovations, an elegant design and outstanding stiffness and speed, engineered in Germany and manufactured with German craftsmanship.