The new Black Thunder with International Limb Fitting System (ILF)

Our famous Black Thunder now available with ILF limb fitting system

Designed und made in Germany like the famous Black Thunder classic, this modified model offers the possibility to use almost every limb with an ILF dovetail on this riser.
The construction is based on the Black Thunder classic concept and thus, the balance, the mass and its stiffness equals exactly the ‚original‘.
We simply overworked the limb pockets which now directly fit to the ILF system. Of course the new ILF fittings are equipped with a fine tiller adjustment feature.

As we had to work on the CAD data for these alterations, we took the opportunity to give it a ‚cosmetic treatment‘ without altering the overall appearance.
The Black Thunder ILF is a real Black Thunder even with softened edges.

The Black Thunder ILF is, like all products from Stolid Bull Bows, a riser without compromises, made of the best available materials!

designed and made in Germany.

Technical data
Weight: 2000 g /63.5 oz
Length: 25“
Tilleradjustment: -4 to + 6%

Thread sizes
Button 5/16 UNF
Stab-bushings 5/16 UNF
Arrow rest block M4
Sight M5