Black Thunder

Ergonomic Grip
One important element of a bow, if not even the most important to let it become ‚a part of an archers arm‘, is the grip shell.

It is our strong belief that our grip shell design achieved being as close to the imaginable optimum of a grip shell as possible for a serial production. More advanced optimisation would require individual anatomic measuring and custom production.

Our grip significantly differs from recent grip designs. We recognised that nearly all serial grip shells do not respect the complex anatomy of a hand in connection with the tension and pressure applied by a bow in full draw. There must be a reason why archers try to sculpt their own grips with modeling material.
Very often those aproaches lack fundamental skills which are needed for an optimal anatomic customization. Soft modeling materials mostly have the disadvantage that they can only be formed into a palm with low to zero pressure. The grip then might be perfect for a loose grip but probably not for the pressure while drawing a strong bow.

With our grip shells type 1 or type 2 such handicraft works should be part of the past.

In the frame below you can see both types of grip shell, we offer. You can rotate the rips with your mouse (drag with left button pressed) to get a 360° view.

Despite getting a good impression of the shape while watching the 3D presentation, there is no better way than the real experience of holding a bow with our grips for the first time. You will not want to let it go again.

Please allow some time for the download of the 3D-pictures.

_____________________ Grip shell Type 2 ________________________ Grip shell Type 1 ____________________