Standard riser right or left

  • machined high-strength aluminum alloy
  • limb pockets for Talenta / Rudi Weick limbs
  • black matte anodized
  • weight approx. 2000 g (70.5 oz.)


Barebow weight module

  • 3 integrated brass tuning weights
  • black matte anodized



Bare bow weight tuning shim 5,- Euro incl. VAT

  • 20 grams, 0.64 oz
  • longer screw included

to be placed under normal brass weight 


Limb adaptor for ILF system (not available)

  • modular system, can easily replace the original Talenta system
  • stainless steel tiller system


Additional arrow rest module

  • standard module or overdraw module with plus 10 mm or 20 mm backwards displacement of the arrow rest
  • black matte anodized


Additional wooden grip 65,- Euro incl. VAT (outside EU 58,- Euro)

  • laminated wood in high wrist or low wrist


Stolid Bull limbs (custom made, price on request)

  • custom made in length, strength and with wood veneer of choice (from the catalog)
  • Talenta limb pocket fitting with integrated tiller system
  • can be shot with every modern string material


Stolid Bull cushion plunger

  • super flat micro adjustable cushion plunger
  • stainless steel