Black Thunder


What makes a Black Thunder unique?

There are several details which make a Stolid Bull Black Thunder a peerless riser.

We have picked up some of the constructive features and via the navigational links on the left side you can find out more on these features and the philosophy behind them.

All these are technical characteristics which make a Black Thunder a better bow riser than you have ever known before.

What we cannot show or describe is the sense of owning and shooting a very special and unique bow.

We experience it ourselves all the time. There won’t be a single tournament where not somebody will stop next to your bow and ask you which kind of interesting bow that is.

There’s no accounting for taste and probably there will be Archers who won’t like the beefy appearance of the Black Thunder but that always is part of the character of something rare and special.

Whoever decides to buy a Black Thunder will love it and never ever want to shoot anything else.

World Field Archery Championships 2010 Dahn,
Harry Schweigkoffer, 7th; Black Thunder, Weick limbs
Holger Schräer, 9th; Black Thunder ILF, Border HEX-5H