Attaco, the little brother of our Black Thunder

The Attaco is a recurve riser which incorporates the philosophy of the Black Thunder while being more lightweight than that.
It is a fully equipped recurve riser with three stabilizer bushings and, of course, mounts for sights and a clicker and two plunger positions.

The Attaco is designed to be used with limbs from Rudi Weick with the Talenta limb fitting system.
The major difference to the Black Thunder, apart from less weight, is the restriction to the Talenta limb system.
Due to the central aim of reducing weight, we were forced to give up the modular limb pocket and restrict the Attaco riser to one limb system.

The Attaco has been produced only in a small prototype series of ten risers. These risers are completely sold out. We keep these pages alive for informational purpose only.

Short interview with Attaco- and Black Thunder shooter Martin Ottosson: