PivotEvery aspect of the design of our risers Black Thunder and Vanquish aims towards the target that these bows develop as little disquietude during the shot as was constructively achievable.

With the forward arching upper part of the riser, bringing a considerable percentage of the overall mass in front of the plane of the pressure point, the center of mass is brought forward and reduces the backroll tendency.

We placed the grip shells at a higher position than usual and the grip itself forms the rear part of the shelf. Normally the shelf is part of the aluminum frame of the riser and the grip is mounted below.

This is not the case with our Black Thunder and the Vanquish. The grip is placed a few millimeters higher than usual and thus, the pressure point of the holding hand moves up, approaching the line of the arrow, bringing both closer to each other.

The pressure point in the grip of the Black Thunder and Vanquish is located around 0.4“ behind the position of the plunger, when using a standard grip. This geometry supports a minimized backwards rolling tendency at release.